Censorship of art and artists

It means the verification of any books, films, news etc. that are considered in our contemporary culture, social, political, legal and economic challenges.  For instance, pornography of videos, pictures,  and audios are totally banned to Nepal because that type of arts are more offensive, rude and not acceptable in these society.

Arts refers creativity, group of discipline, human society, physical expression, process, theory and culture. Mode of arts are poetry, prose and drama, video, music, dance, and visual arts.

Importances of arts:

  • Growth of motor skills of child: knowledge of circle, line, rectangle
  • Language development: Meaning of word, color, shape and action
  • Decision making: Problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Visual Learning: Easy and effective understand by 2D, 3D objects like digital medias
  • Cultural awareness: Cultural value, norms, belives identification and exchange
  • Creation and innovation: Newness, modern imaginations

Reason for Censorship of Arts:

  • For intellectual property rights(copyright, patents)
  • To conserve the social and cultural norms
  • To adapt the new technology and change
  • To maintain the secret and value of specific culture and religions
  • To prevent the mental effect of children by erotic art